Adapting Pressure Transducers for Your Applications

Posted by Seta Davidian on Jul 1, 2021 9:44:46 AM

Choosing the right pressure transducer for a specific application can be overwhelming. There is a vast array of choices, many of which duplicate performance. If you don't find the right combination of features, many manufacturers don't offer modifications or customizations without a large order. That leaves you with little choice but to try to make do with the closest fit. 

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To combat this, Servoflo has been offering services to help companies solve their pressure sensing measurement needs for over 30 years. Our customers don't have to make do with the closest available option. We offer many customizations to fit the needs of their pressure transducer applications, regardless of order size. 

Customizations and Requests Servoflo Can Help With

A custom pressure transducer is manufactured with specifications to fit a particular non-standard application. Servoflo is proud to offer modifications or customizations for special features on our pressure transducers. Our strong, long-term factory relationships enable us to provide pressure transducer customizations and special requests relatively quickly and easily. We work directly with your engineering team to produce a pressure transducer that meets your most demanding specifications and requirements.

Our custom engineered pressure transducers are made with the utmost engineering design expertise and quality manufacturing capabilities. We offer the following special requests and customizations:

  • Electronic connections
  • Full or partial housing
  • Measurement parameters, including pressure range and calibration accuracy
  • Process fittings 
  • Wetted materials, such as seals and housing materials

Standard Packaged Transducers from Servoflo

Servoflo is committed to offering the widest choice of standard packaged transducers representing a wide variety of price/performance variations. Some of our featured sensors include:

  • Anfield Sensors. Anfield Sensors Inc. is an industry-leading manufacturer of pneumatic and hydraulic sensors known for faster delivery and industrial performance. They specialize in vacuum, differential, pressure, and temperature switches and transducers for the foodservice, industrial, medical, military, and mobile industries.
  • American Sensing. Our newest line focuses on high accuracy, high temperature, and low power supply for IIoT applications. American Sensing provides vast experience in sensing technologies and manufacturing, and they deliver cost-effective solutions for the aerospace, industrial, and military industries, as well as many other demanding applications.
  • Microsensor. Micro Sensor Co., Ltd. is known for its variety of product options. They are leading manufacturers of level sensors, pressure sensors, and pressure transmitters. Their products are differentiated by their features, including data collection through a bus, digital wide temperature compensation, and non-linearity correction. 

Servoflo: Providing High-Quality, Cost-Effective Solutions for Over 30 Years

Servoflo has been an industry-leading provider of pressure sensors, mass flow sensors, oxygen sensors, micropumps, and humidity sensors for over 30 years. We serve a vast array of industries, including automotive, consumer, HVAC, industrial equipment, and medical. Our customers know that they can depend on our in-house technical support and FAE resources to ensure the optimal sensor choice for their application. 

Servoflo provides only services and products that offer the highest value and reliability for customers across diverse industries and applications. Our team has a wealth of in-depth expertise for client businesses to draw upon when designing their solutions. For more information, contact us today or request your customized pressure transducer online.

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