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Posted by Seta Davidian on Jul 5, 2023 1:22:22 PM

Posifa's vacuum sensors are known for high resolution and performance. These sensors are excellent for measuring small amounts of vacuum changes. Typical applications include but are not limited to freeze drying, degassing, cryogenic storage, vacuum glove boxes, and more. Pressure sensors can also be used for vacuum measurement applications where resolution requirements are lower. 

pvc4000PVC4000 & PVC4001 Vacuum Sensors

PVC4000 are uncalibrated vacuum sensors with an I2C output, making them ideal for those who want to customize their measurement range.  The PVC4100 are similar to the PVC4000 except that they are fully calibrated, providing excellent value for customers seeking high resolution & precision. Both have measurement ranges of 0.001 to 760 Torr. Check out the video demonstration of the PVC4000 evaluation kit.


pvc5100PVC5100 Vacuum Transducer

Fully packaged in stainless steel housing, the PVC5100 has a connector-terminated wire harness with ISO-KF fittings.

These Pirani vacuum sensors have an overpressure of 27.5 bar and are excellent for leak detection in a closed-loop system. The vacuum range is from 0.1 mTorr to 760,000 mTorr (0.013 Pa to 101 kPa). A digital I2C output is provided.

PVC6100-photoPVC6100 Vacuum Transmitter

PVC6100 is a drop-in replacement for other manufacturers of vacuum sensors (contact us to find out if it is applicable to you). With a range of 10-4 Torr to ATM, the PVC6100 has a voltage output and a replaceable probe.

Excellent for medium vacuum applications such as freeze dryers, mass spectrometers, cryogenic cylinders, and more.



Vacuum measurement is especially important in critical applications where any type of leakage can cause problems. Let us help you find the right solution to your problem!

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