Hybrid Circuit Technology by Metallux

Posted by Seta Davidian on Feb 29, 2016 11:41:05 AM


Metallux SA, based in Switzerland, not only offers ceramic pressure sensors but also thick film technology hybrid circuit design and manufacturing, i.e  screen printing on ceramic, FR4, Flex, steel, aluminium nitride, sapphire, etc. Metallux SA also offers the capability to integrate electronic components such as IC's, resistors, capacitors, etc.

Why use a hybrid circuit?

  • High temperature demands. Circuits can be designed to withstand more than 85°C or for harsh environmental conditions such has high humidity.
  • Low & medium power requirements around 2-3 kW. Ceramic is a very good heat dissipator.
  • When trimming is required. It is possible to trim the screen-printed resistor on circuits with electronical components to adjust a voltage, current or frequency output.
  • A smaller size is needed
  • Enhanced security. It is very difficult to reverse engineer a hybrid circuit.
  • Need to use resistors and conductor tracks to create a power source (such as from millawatts to 3-3 Kilowatts)
  • More resistant to shock & vibration

From design to screen printing to assembly, Metallux provides a complete hybrid circuit solution for their customers. Some examples of their capabilities include:

  • Superior manufacturing area with 3 cleanrooms
  • Multilayer hybrid circuits with integrated trimmed resistors (from mohms to Gohms)
  • Active/passive SMT, from 0201 size to BGA and µBGA
  • Chip & wire: die attach, wedge & ball bonding, encapsulation, on all kinds of substrates
  • Flip-chip: solding & epoxy 
  • Finishing & encapsulation with conformal coatings, epoxy & silicone resins

As an example, here is a real world hybrid circuit design by Metallux:

custom-sensor.jpgSilicon pressure sensor for home boiler: A thick film hybrid circuit was designed for better stability in a harsh temperature and humidity environment. The stable and rigid substrate had the die pressure sensor glued onto it. The coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of the Alumina is lower compared to a standard PCB.

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