Optimizing the Calibration of Sensor Interfaces With Built-In Correction Algorithms

Posted by Seta Davidian on Jun 28, 2012 12:12:00 PM

Sorry to have been missing in action on our blog!!

ZMD header 1We have posted a new white paper on our web site written by David Grice of ZMDI. The article, published in Sensors Magazine, is titled, "Optimizing the Calibration of Sensor Interfaces With Built-In Correction Algorithms". Here is an abstract of the article with a complete link to download.

Sensor signal conditioners with built-in correction algorithms can greatly aid sensor system designers as long as they understand which algorithm to use and when. The perennial challenge for sensor interface designers is to calibrate and correct the inherent nonidealities present in transducers. The major contributors to nonideality are typically the nonlinear response to stimulus, the offset, and the temperature dependence of one or both of these factors. The advent of commodity IC's with high-performance analog and complex digital circuitry reduces the effort and cost of sensor correction and provides the designer with systemic methodologies and tools for sensor correction. This article examines these techniques and describes how to optimize them for one broad class of sensor signal conditioners that are inexpensive yet highly configurable, enabling high-precision measurements made using a range of sensor types.

You may download the complete white paper here. No sign up necessary!

Topics: Sensor Signal Conditioning