Key Factors When Selecting A Pressure Sensor

Posted by Seta Davidian on Jul 19, 2016 11:20:10 AM

presentation.jpgAt Sensors Expo, held this past June in San Jose, David Ezekiel gave a special show floor presentation titled Key Factors When Selecting a Pressure Sensor. This presentation was created for those new to pressure sensors.

Presentation highlights included a discussion about:

  • The advent of MEMs sensors and resulting new product features
  • New applications using pressure sensors
  • The huge number of manufacturers and models, each having slightly different features, accuracies and packages
  • The paradox of choice - how too many options results in selection errors and overall dissatisfaction

The presentation detailed how to narrow these choices by looking at the skill set in your organization, overall product & system requirements, and other factors such as time frame, second sources, and contact manufacturers.

By understanding the application basics, mechnical, electrical, and assembly factors, a user can then begin to narrow down the myriad of pressure sensor choices. For example, when should a user pick a lower cost unamplified, uncalibrated sensor over a calibrated and compensated sensor with more features but higher cost?

For new users of pressure sensors, it is easy to get caught in this paradox of choice and be oversold on a sensor with features that may not be needed. Take a look at the presentation, and learn about how to not fall into this trap.


Need help deciding which pressure sensor and conrfiguration is best for your project? Our experts have put together a Pressure Sensor Selection Guide to help you find the right solution for the right price. 


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