Barometric Sensors 101

Posted by Seta Davidian on May 24, 2021 1:14:59 PM

What is a Barometric Pressure Sensor?

SOP30DA barometric pressure sensor is a new type of barometer that measures atmospheric pressure. They are commonly used for weather measurement, altitude compensation, dive watches, altimeters, underwater equipment, and much more. At Servoflo, we offer a wide range of standard and compact barometric pressure sensors suitable for a wide range of applications.


How Does a Barometric Pressure Sensor Work

In older sensors, barometers used liquids to measure atmospheric pressure. One of the oldest types of barometers used mercury, which would raise or lower within a column in response to pressure changes. As technology advanced, the aneroid barometer was invented. This type of barometric pressure sensor utilizes an aneroid cell that expands or contracts when the atmospheric pressure changes. This movement causes the levers to amplify, which results in display pointers indicating the pressure reading on the front display. 

Many of today’s modern barometers utilize microelectromechanical system (MEMS) technology, making them capable of measuring pressure in a more compact and flexible structure. This allows them to be used in smaller applications such as mobile devices and watches. A MEMS barometric pressure sensor detects atmospheric pressure based on how it affects its diaphragm. The more the diaphragm deforms, the higher the pressure.

Applications For Barometric Pressure Sensors

Barometric pressure sensors are used in a wide variety of applications including:

  • Predicting weather. The most common application for barometric pressure sensors is monitoring and predicting weather conditions. Even tablets and mobile devices come equipped with barometric pressure sensors that give users immediate insight into local weather conditions.
  • Altitude compensation. Higher altitudes can affect the measurement of various environmental parameters and overall performance of various equipment such as medical devices, consumer equipment and much more. Barometric pressure sensors can provide the altitude compensation needed for other types of sensors and equipment to function properly.
  • Navigation. Barometric pressure sensors are utilized for navigation purposes using the altimeter function, which enables accurate vertical positioning. For example, it helps when you are climbing between floors or up a mountain.
  • Devices that monitor physical activity. They are used in devices that monitor physical activities in wearable devices. This helps the wearer more accurately track activity via air turbulence instead of just steps.
  • Drones. As more and more applications adopt drone technology, barometric pressure sensors become very important in measuring precise altitude and air pressure on these devices.

Servoflo Barometric Pressure Sensors

ams6915-headerServoflo offers a wide variety of barometric pressure sensors to suit the needs of numerous applications. 

With over 30 years of experience finding solutions to various design challenges, we have the necessary skills to provide barometric pressure sensors that suit your requirements. For help choosing the best barometric pressure sensor, contact us to discuss your application today or review our barometric product and pricing guide.

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