Microfluidics & Life Science Webinar on May 12, 2022

Posted by Seta Davidian on Apr 28, 2022 11:33:32 AM

Learn how microfluidics is helping transform the rapidly changing Life Science industry.

The Bartels Conference 2022 is on May 12, 2022, from 1 pm to 5 pm Central European Time, which translates into 7 AM Eastern Standard Time. We know the time is difficult. Therefore, all registrants will be able to access the webinar after the event. The conference is in English and free of charge.


Here is an introduction to one of the presentations

Microfluidics Market Dynamics & Trends in Life Sciences

In a world where healthcare is more than ever a priority, micro-technologies are fundamental to building the medical devices that are needed for patient care, diagnostics, and monitoring. Wherever we look, in most applications, we’re in a period where volumes are ramping up rapidly. The overall microfluidic-based point-of-care testing market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) 2019-2025 of 13%, primarily driven by diagnostics segments. Besides point-of-care testing, the market is driven by tools for pharmaceutical and life science research. These include DNA sequencing, other genomics, and proteomics tools. Moreover, COVID-19 has had a profound impact on the diagnostic ecosystem. Will the pandemic drive the use of point of care testing in new locations, such as the workplace, airports, public transportation, or public places? How does it influence the increasing use of Next-Generation Sequencing for research?

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