New LED Drivers added to ZLED7X20 & ZLED7X30 Families

Posted by Seta Davidian on Oct 18, 2011 12:00:00 PM

7x20 familyServoflo is pleased to announce the addition of new LED drivers to the ZLED7x20 & ZLED7X30 families. Both groups are high current 40V LED drivers. The ZLED7X20 has an internal switch while the ZLED7X30 has a switch dimming function.

Both families require a low bill of materials and have a small footprint. Thermal shutdown protection and LED open circuit protection is included. Typical applications include:

  • Interior/exterior LED lighting
  • General purpose consumer LED applications
  • MR16 LED spot lights
  • Architectural lighting
  • Retrofit LED lighting fixtures

This chart summarizes all LED Drivers available. It is a simple way to quickly evaluating the key features of different models. Evaluation kits are available for purchase.

LED family

To see all LED Drivers, visit our LED driver section of our web site.

You can also download our LED driver product & pricing guide!

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